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Founded in 1983 by Edward Weaving, Weaving Machinery has always been a family run farm equipment company. From the outset our aim has been to offer farmers high-quality agricultural machinery that is effective yet simple to operate, built with the farmer in mind. As a family-run company with a skilled and experienced team, we always place the customers at the centre of what we do. Our focus is always on enabling an efficient and cost-effective approach to low disturbance farming. 

Our decades of experience and our continued product development have made us a leading manufacturer of low disturbance drills and cultivators. This is robustly supported by our strong importer network, allowing us to offer our customers a high-quality selection of flail mowers, hedge cutters, silage and grassland equipment from leading European manufacturers. With continuous further developments and improvements, we ensure that our products are always up to date and in line with current standards and technologies.

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From the early days as Xtra Agricultural Spares, to our patented GD technology, discover our company's journey below.

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1983 - The Beginning

Founded in 1983 by Edward and Julia Weaving, the company began as "Xtra Agricultural Spares" selling spare parts.

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1985 - Second Hand Machinery

Shortly afterwards, Edward would be a regular attendee of national farm sales, he would source and sell second hand agricultural machinery for farmers around the UK. This was coupled with exporting second hand machinery and tractors.

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1992 - Becoming an Importer

Following a trip to the EIMA Show, Weaving Machinery continued to build on their investment into the industry by becoming the UK official stockist of brands including Sicma Power Harrows, Mistral Drills and Orsi Hedgecutters.

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1996 - The first steps towards No-Till

The imported product range expands to include the US built Krause No-Till drill, the first move in the bigger picture towards low disturbance farming

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1996 - Manufacturing begins...

Small simple machines were starting to be manufactured as Chadbury from the mid-90s including the Grassland Sublift and the Stubble Rake.

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1999 - Mammut joins Weaving Machinery

The Mammut product range was suggested to us by another dealer back in the 1990s, so we introduced ourselves to Reinhold Frauscher, the CEO of Mammut Maschinenbau GmbH and following a strict vetting process Weaving Machinery was chosen as the official UK stockist. Like Weaving Machinery, Mammut is a family run company and so our core values are closely aligned. Both companies are committed to delivering good quality, practical agricultural machinery solutions with the focus on delivering benefits to the customer, with the decision-making process on new machinery development often led by first hand customer feedback.

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2000 - Agrimaster stockist

Weaving Machinery was seeking a new flail and hedge cutter brand to represent at the turn of the millennium and Agrimaster was suggested. Agrimaster was established by Giorgio Martoni in 1984 in Molinella, near Bologna (Italy). They came well recommended and a strong partnership has been enjoyed ever since. Agrimaster is now part of the Demetra group which includes brand such as Breviglieri and Dalbo.

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2004 - The Aguirre Tine Drill

This year marked the start of a successful partnership between Weaving Machinery and Spanish firm, Aguirre. The Tine Drill became one of the best selling mounted tine drills on the UK market and really established Weaving Machinery in the drilling sector. The Tine Drill is well known for its all weather ability and proven as simple yet effective to drill. Today it is still popular and retains a strong second hand value.

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2013 - Introducing the Sabre Tine Drill

Building on the popularity of the conventional tine drill, the Sabre Tine Drill was launched with appeal to farmers struggling with ground conditions. The Sabre Tine Drill proved extremely versatile, able to be used in a zero-till, min-till or plough based farming system.

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2015 - Launching the GD Direct Disc Drill

Developed in conjunction with Lincolnshire farmer Tony Gent, the GD Drill was launched to the UK market with a patented disc coulter design. It heralded the new age of exceptionally low disturbance direct drilling. The first drill was developed as a mounted and swiftly followed by the trailed version.

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2020 - The New Sabre Drill

Building on the success of the original Weaving Sabre Tine Drill, the next generation was launched in January 2020 and was an instant success with the domestic UK market. Recognised for its versatility for direct drilling and minimum tillage crop establishment and ability to go in tricky weather conditions, the Sabre is now a staple drill across hundreds of farms throughout the UK and has featured on Series Two of Clarkson's Farm.

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Weaving Machinery continues to push forward as a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Today, our founder Edward Weaving continues to manage the business daily, now joined by his two children Simon and Sarie. Our range is headlined by the GD Disc Drill and the Sabre Tine Drill - available in sizes from 1.5 to 9 metres.

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