Electric Gates

Please see below our range of electric gates.

What are the gates made from?

Our sliding gates are made from high quality aliminium painted in slate grey (RAL 7015) whilst the swing gates are made from 3mm steel painted in jet black (RAL 9005) giving both full rust resistance and ensures a long lasting life.

What gate colours are available?

Our standard colour for the sliding gates is RAL 7015 and RAL 9005 black for the swing gates, but all gates can be painted in any standard RAL colour, this service is available for an additional charge.

Can I have cameras installed with my gates?

Yes, the cameras that we offer provide remote viewing using your mobile phone and will send a notification whenever motion is detected. These PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) cameras are able to track and follow subjects as motion is detected making them useful for expansive spaces that cannot typically be covered by a single camera. We offer a whole range of additional security measures, if you cannot see what you are looking for please get in touch with one of our experienced team.

Can I have intercom?

Yes, Weaving Machinery offer GSM intercom systems which allows the freedom of answering calls from your gate from any telephone number including your mobile, rather than having to go to the gate. It provides an added level of convenience and security by allowing you to screen visitors before granting them entry to your property. Our intercom systems can be integrated with your electric gate for seamless functionality. The intercoms can be programmed to phone up to 2 divert numbers if the first number doesn’t answer.

Do I need to provide a SIM card?

Yes, for standard gsm controller a sim with text and data is required, for an intercom system, a text, data and voice sim card is required. Please choose the provider based on the best signal strength at the gate's location.

If there is a power outage can I still open the gate?

Yes, manual opening is possible via a key and release lever.

How often should my gate be serviced?

Service requirements depend on frequency of use. For low to medium frequency use - opening infrequently during the day - we recommend a minimum of an annual service, for high frequency use - frequent opening everyday - we recommend a service every 6 months. Weaving Machinery offer bronze, silver and gold service plans to suit every gate.

How much warranty is included with the electric gates?

Each new gate installation is sold with 1 year's warranty, and an additional year is on all FAAC automation equipment.

For the installation, what size electric cable is required?

Our gates require a 240V, 13amp power supply. The size of cable you should use for the power supply to the gate depends on several factors, including the distance between the power source and the gate and the operating voltage. Generally, it is recommended to consult with an electrician to determine the appropriate cable size for your specific setup. They will consider factors such as voltage drop, current carrying capacity, and local electrical codes to ensure safe and efficient power supply to the gate.

Can I have fencing installed with my gate?

Yes, we offer perimeter security fencing. We use pre-galvanised and powder coated wire panels preventing rust and keeping a clean aesthetic for years to come. Fitted using vandal resistant security fixings, this fencing offers an increased level of security which cannot be achieved with traditional fencing methods. Panels are moss green (RAL 6005) as standard, additional colours and styles of fencing available upon request.

Does Weaving Machinery carry out the groundworks?

Groundworks are not included in the price. We are able to offer groundworks at additional cost, please see optional specification. Our experienced gate team are also able to liaise with any other contractors related to the gate installation if needed.

Can the gates be solar operated?

Yes, typically solar panel operation is implemented where mains electricity is not practically or financially feasible. Depending on the size of gate and approximate operations it will perform in a day, a number of solar panels can be fixed to a frame with a self contained cabinet that the deep cycle batteries are stored in. These batteries are capable of storing multiple days worth of operation depending on the time of year and the weather.

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