Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

According to a recent survey undertaken by the NFU, rural crime is on the rise and is reported that break-ins were costing farmers on average £5,100. Compromised farm security can also result in losses beyond the financial, important as that is. Mental health can be considerably impacted, which is already a serious problem for those in the industry. As many victims of theft can testify, the most unsettling aspect of the experience is often the emotional impact – a sense of violation and vulnerability.

Gates are such a mainstay on farms that their power in creating a solid defence can go overlooked and underappreciated. The right electric gate can make a difference and protect against the threat of rural crime.

Weaving Machinery endorse this product by using a 10 meter model at our factory in Chadbury, Worcestershire. 

Delivery & installation are included in the price. Groundworks to be carried out by the customer prior to delivery unless the groundworks optional specification is chosen in which case they will be carried out upon delivery of the gate.

Standard Specification

High quality aluminium cantilever structure, mobile phone app (GSM) control, 6 safety edges, 4 safety photocells, 2 keypads, flashing lights.

All systems come with a 2 year unlimited callout & repair guarantee provided it is not accident or vandal damage.

A typical service life for our systems is roughly between 10 to 20 years depending on the system, servicing and usage.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

Sliding electric gates

Ground Track

Cantilever sliding gates are ideal for use where there may not be space for swing gates such as roadsides or where the ground may not be level such as agricultural/commercial sites. Due to the cantilever, no part of the gate comes into contact with the ground which allows for unaffected operation even with snow or loose debris on the ground. For residential areas, this also means a much quieter and smoother operation.

Sliding electric gates


High quality aluminium design painted in slate grey (RAL 7015) giving full rust resistance and ensures a long lasting life. Alternative paint options are available upon request. All of our hardware used on the gates are provided by tried and tested manufacturers including FAAC providing you with the assurance of the quality expected with our products.

Sliding electric gates


Rubber safety edges and photocells are installed as a safety feature that will stop the motor when resistance is applied or an obstruction to the gate is present. Gates are tested to UK Health & Safety regulations and Machines Directive.

Sliding gate app

GSM Controller

Access to the gate can be provided in numerous ways. As standard our gates are compatible with a mobile phone app that requires you to register phone numbers of the persons you would like to give access. Any other numbers that may call the gate will not gain access without being registered. Keypads are installed to our gates as standard as an alternative, raised posts designed for lorries are available upon request.

Sliding gate technology

Access Control

Keypads are installed to our sliding gates as standard providing a simple means of access. A raised height post is also available to mount the keypad on for taller vehicles such as lorries to gain access without leaving the cab. A GSM intercom uses a sim card to dial from the intercom to either a landline or mobile phone. This allows the visitor to speak with relevant persons to gain access. Our sliding gates have a preinstalled receiver for radio fobs.

Solar panels

Solar Panel Operation

Typically solar panel operation is implemented where mains electricity is not practically or financially feasible. Depending on the size of gate and approximate operations it will perform in a day, a number of solar panels can be fixed to a frame with a self contained cabinet that the deep cycle batteries are stored in. These batteries are capable of storing multiple days worth of operation depending on the time of year and the weather.

Security Fencing

Security Fencing

For where a whole site may need to be secured, we offer perimeter security fencing. We use pre-galvanised and powder coated wire panels preventing rust and keeping a clean aesthetic for years to come. Fitted using vandal resistant security fixings, this fencing offers an increased level of security which cannot be achieved with tradtional fencing methods. Panels are moss green (RAL 6005) as standard, additional colours available upon request.

Security cameras

Security Camera

For secluded areas or sites that experience alot of traffic, CCTV camera's are a worthwhile security investment. The camera's that we offer (as pictured) provide remote viewing using your mobile phone and will send a notification whenever motion is detected. These PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) camera's are able to track and follow subjects as motion is detected making them useful for expansive spaces that cannot typically be covered by a single camera. We offer a whole range of additional security measures, if you cannot see what you are looking for please get in touch with one of our experienced team.

DHF logo


Our gate technicians at Weaving Machinery are accredited under the Door & Hardware Federation. The aim of DHF is to raise quality and safety standards in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automated gates and barriers. This can reassure customers that they are using products of the highest quality that conform with the latest legislation and safety standards.

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Product Title Prices
6M (15M total width)
8M (20M total width)
10M H/D (24M total width)
12M H/D (30M total width)
Optional Specification

Select from the options below to add them to the final price


Our experienced installation team will carry out groundworks in preparation for installation of the gate. They will carry out all preparation apart from bringing electricity to the gate. This should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Spoil will be left local to the holes dug and the customer will be responsible for disposal of spoil as well as checking for services in and around the gate prior to installation.

Additional Keypad

Keypads allow entry using a 4 digit passcode. Additional keypads available upon request.

Remote Control (Fob)

Remote control keyfob for opening and closing the gate. Additional remote controls available upon request.

Solar Panel Operation

For remote locations where supplying mains power is not practical or economical.

GSM Intercom

With GSM comes freedom: answer calls and allow entry from your gate from any telephone number including your mobile.

Entry/Exit Loop

Loop detectors can be installed to automatically open the gate when entering or exiting.

Painted to Order

Our gates as standard are supplied in a grey colour (RAL 7015). Other colour options are available upon request.

Dual Height Post for Keypad

A post is provided and installed for additional keypads and intercoms.

 *All prices are subject to VAT and delivery charges may apply

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