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Weaving Machinery has been developing its range of low disturbance cultivators since the late 1990s. Our tillage equipment is designed to be simple yet effective in creating the optimal seedbed and soil conditions for healthy crop production. Our product range includes high quality tine cultivators, disc cultivators and straw harrows suitable for all soil types, farm sizes and farming systems.

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FAQs about our Tillage Equipment

Frequently asked questions about our range of cultivators.

What cultivator should I buy?

Machinery choices can be made depending on a number of consideration such as tillage system, soil type, amount of straw present after harvest and weather conditions. Extra management and patience is required when transitioning from full soil inversion to minimum cultivations and savings cannot always initially be seen due to investment in new machinery.

What can I do to relieve compaction?

Compaction issues typically occur in the top 30cm of soil which should be confirmed using a visual assessment. The aim of alleviating compaction is to create fissures throughout the soil without producing a loose soil condition that can be recompacted. This structural improvement allows soils to drain freely and allows roots to find nutrients and moisture without being impeded. For arable applications we would recommend our LD Topsoiler which works down to a depth of 9” at 400mm leg spacing. On grassland applications, our Sublift would be more suitable due to the front cutting discs and flat roller. These work down to a depth of 18” with a leg spacing of 750mm or 1000mm depending on whether its a 3 or 4 leg machine.

How can I effectively manage straw and chaff post-harvest?

Where full soil inversion is not carried out, straw management takes consideration to prevent issues such as difficulties drilling, soils staying saturated and increased slug and pest problems. Stubble rakes are usually used immediately after harvest to evenly redistribute straw and chaff left behind the combine and to create a chit prior to drilling. If residues are required to be mixed and incorporated, either our tine cultivator the Energiser or our Shortdisc would be a more suitable choice as they move more soil.

What choices of rear roller do you offer?

Currently our entire range of cultivators that feature a roller use our cast iron ‘V’ ring roller for consolidation behind the working aspect of the cultivator other than our Sublift which is equipped with a ballastable flat roller. These rings are divided into 3 segments for easy replacement without having to remove the entire roller. If you are interested in an alternative roller arrangement, please get in touch and one of our knowledgeable team members will be able to help.

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