The Weaving CropChop has been designed to complement the modern seed drill in a low disturbance farming system. Front linkage mounted, this machine can be used in tandem with a seed drill or cultivator. This is the perfect tool to chop and incorporate standing cover crops and stubbles with less reliance on chemical inputs. 

Standard Specification

2 rows of interchangeable knife rollers, steering CAT II/III headstock, Heavy duty greasable bearings, Full width stone & residue guards, Heavy duty frame.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features



The hard-wearing, heat treated knives are arranged in a spiral to ensure constant contact with the ground. This means the machine will always deliver reliable and consistent chopping even at high speeds on hard ground. The knives are mounted to the rotors using 2 bolts making for easy maintenance and replacement where needed.



The CropChop has a CAT II linkage suitable for front mounting and is fixed to the rollers using a steering headstock with 120mm of lateral movement. This allows turning in corners whilst operating the machine and puts less stress through the whole frame. A pin can be inserted to lock the frame rigid.

Stone Guards

Stone Guards

For safety, the knives are arranged in tandem underneath a steel hood that is designed to prevent soil and stones being thrown especially at high speed.


Hydraulic Folding

All models larger than 3 metre are hydraulic folding to allow narrow transport widths on roads. The CropChop can also be lifted out of work using the machine as ballast giving flexibility in it’s operation.


Product Title Prices
CropChop 3000
CropChop 4000
CropChop 5000
CropChop 6000

Technical Specification

Model CropChop 3000 CropChop 4000 CropChop 5000 CropChop 6000
Working Width (m) 3 4 5 6
Frame Type Rigid Folding Folding Folding
Diameter ⌀ (mm) 460 460 460 460
Min. Power Requirement (hp) 60 80 100 120
Weight (kg) 875 1420 1605 1815

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