Stubble Rake

Stubble Rake

The Weaving Stubble Rake has been developed to redistribute chopped straw and chaff after harvest. With its unique tine configuration and design, it is able to create ideal conditions in which weed-seeds and volunteers will readily germinate allowing for control before drilling. This machine is able to decimate slug eggs and weeds including black grass in growing crops. The Stubble Rake is used at high speeds and is able to work over a large acreage in a short amount of time.

The original Weaving Stubble Rake has been subject to redesign and new model is available from Spring 2023. The updated model remains simple yet effective, but is now lighter and stronger to allow for larger width machines to be used on smaller tractors.

The new model is 3-piece fold, allowing the transport height to stay the same whilst increasing working width.

The Weaving Stubble Rake is offered in 7 and 9 metre working widths, with the option of adding a Weaving Magnum Seeder for cover crop and small seed establishment.

Standard Specification

5 Rows of heavy duty 16mm Ø tines with hydraulic tine angle adjustment. Heavy duty hydraulic folding. The tines are cushioned with an accumulator system. Overall transport width 2.4m. LED road lights fitted as standard. 

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

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Heavy Duty Tines

16mm Ø heavy duty tines are fitted across 5 rows at 75mm spacing which gives plenty of clearance for high quantities of straw and trash to flow through. The stiff tines are 750mm long giving plenty of wearable life. Individually mounted tines that do not wrap around the frame means that if replacements were needed in the middle of the frame, you are not required to remove all tines from the same row.

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Tine Angle Adjustment

3 hydraulic cylinders are mounted to parallel link bars that are connected to the 5 rows of tines. The stroke length of the cylinder determines the pitch of the tines. These cylinders are part of a closed-circuit including accumulators to absorb shock loads and give a hydraulic cushioning effect when riding over uneven terrain. The stroke of the cylinder is maintained by inserting coloured aluminium spacers to achieve the desired working pitch of the tines.

Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy Duty Frame

The compact design and retractable tines of the rake allow for a transport width of 2.4m. The heavy duty but lightweight frame allows for high working speeds to cover large areas. The 140mm tube used gives extra strength but does not allow for any material to sit on flat surfaces of the machine.

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Seeder Kit

The Weaving Stubble Rake can be fitted with a seeder kit to apply small seeds such as cover crops. The pneumatic seeder can hold either 240L or 400L and distributes the seed using spreader plates arranged along the width of the rake.

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Optional Specification

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Seeder Kit

Technical Specification

Model 7M 9M 12M
Working width (m) 7 9 12
Transport width (m) 2.7 2.7 2.97
No. of tines 94 120 160
Tine spacing (mm) 75 75 75
Recommended working speed (km/h) 15-25 15 - 25 15-25
Power requirement (hp) 140 160 200
LED road lights Standard Standard Standard
Row spacing (mm) 500 500 500
Weight (kg) 1500 2000

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