Whether a minimum tillage or conventional farming system, the Weaving ShortDisc offers itself as a great multipurpose tool that can be used for chitting weed-seeds and volunteers into stubble, incorporating organic matter or creating a stale seedbed. Due to its functional versatility and heavy-duty design, the Weaving ShortDisc can save machinery, fuel and labour costs per hectare without compromising on yield or quality.

The configuration of the front cutting discs followed by the full width roller allows the ShortDisc to effectively chop through any harvest crop residue, then leave an even stale seedbed.

This fast and effective cultivator can be fitted with a Weaving Magnum Seeder and splash plate arrangement allowing it to drill cover crops, small seeds and oil seed rape at a low cost.

The ShortDisc is available in 3 – 6 metre working widths, all in a mounted format.

Standard Specification

2 Rows of 560mm Ø concave discs mounted on rubber shock absorbers, side boards and a full width 700mm Ø heavy duty 'V' ring packer roller. Hydraulic Depth Control with coloured spacer adjustment. Hydraulic transport safety lock for folding models.125mm disc spacing with individually mounted arms.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

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Multipurpose Cultivator

The Shortdisc is a universal cultivator suitable for a range of farming systems. Depending on setup, it can be used for creating a chit into stubble, incorporating manure and residues, preparing a seedbed ready for drilling and establishing cover crops and small seeds.

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Concave Discs with Sealed for Life Bearings

The Shortdisc is fitted with discs mounted on rubber torsion bars providing maintenance free, effective suspension. Each individual arm only carries 1 disc improving ground contouring and penetration. A large distance between the disc and the frame of the machine and between each leg ensures adequate clearance for material to flow through. The concave discs are fitted to each arm using a ‘Sealed for Life’, maintenance free Agrihub bearing offering permanent lubrication.

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Hydraulic Depth Control

The working depth of the ShortDisc is between 0 and 15cm (6”), and is easily adjusted using the hydraulic operated rear roller. The hydraulic rams are extended, and aluminium spacers inserted to set the desired working depth.

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Heavy Duty Cast Iron Roller

A 700mm British Cast Iron ‘V’ ring packer roller follows the 2 rows of discs to leave a firm and level seedbed. The roller is equipped as standard with easily detachable clod breakers allowing for quick replacement or for clearing large debris. The cast rings are made up of 3 individual pieces also for ease of replacement if needed.

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Trailed Shortdisc

Building on the success of our mounted Shortdisc, from Autumn 2023 we are taking orders for a trailed model. The trailed Shortdisc offers greater maneuverability and more balanced weight distribution leaving a lighter footprint and requiring less horsepower. The rear transport wheels are lifted when in work.

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The Weaving Shortdisc comes as standard with a choice of 3 discs with their own unique properties. The bulldog disc is for shallow tillage and creating a chit of weeds, the scalloped disc for deeper mixing of residues and the intermediate disc is inbetween the two offering shallow tillage with a increased mixing effect.

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Product Title Prices
Optional Specification

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Seeder Kit 6m

Technical Specification

Model 3000M 4000M 5000M 6000M 12000T
Working width (m) 3 4.2 5.2 6.2 12
Transport width (m) 3 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.97
Number of discs 22 32 40 44 88
Disc spacing (mm) 125 125 125 125 125
Disc diameter (mm) 560 560 560 560 560
Recommended working speed (kph) 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20 10-20
Min power requirement (hp) 130 160 200 250 250+
LED road lights Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Packer diameter (mm) 700 700 700 700 700
Row spacing (m) 1 1 1 1 1
Working depth (mm) 0-150 0-150 0-150 0-150 0-150
Weight (kg) 1900 2600 3100 3500


Will Duchesne, M & W Duchesne, Suffolk

Seeing how things are changing in agricultural and the rising costs associated with growing crops, I knew a change was required. I decided to opt for shallower tillage and reducing costs whilst not compromising on crop output.

Our previous system involved ploughing and minimum tillage up to a 10” tine depth, using a 3-metre mounted min-till cultivator. We’ve replaced this with the Weaving Sabre Drill and the Weaving ShortDisc, both 6 metres and this has done us very well, halving our fuel consumption and man hours.

The addition of the 12-outlet Weaving Magnum Seeder, makes the ShortDisc very versatile and so far, we've used it for sowing cover crops but we will also use it for OSR and grass seeds. I’m very pleased with how the seeder is mounted to the ShortDisc and its design; the Accord type metering unit allows a larger scope of seed types to be used and it has a good size hydraulic fan.

The 6 metre ShortDisc is heavy and takes a bit of lifting, I’m using a 215 HP John Deere, but owing to its high work rate its allowed a significant reduction in diesel consumption per hectare whilst still creating a good tilth for a sterile seedbed and to help cover the seed at drilling.

Will Duchesne - Shortdisc
Will Duchesne - Shortdisc 2

Will Duchesne, M & W Duchesne, Suffolk

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