The Energiser is a tillage machine suitable for seedbed preparation, straw redistribution and soil loosening. Working depth is between 0 and 15cm (6”). 167mm spacing between legs is similar to our Sabre drill allowing for high volumes of trash to flow through and ensure all ground is worked.
The 4 rows of 40mm points are mounted to the frame using coil tines allowing for a variety of different points to be used. These are followed by a full width ‘V’ ring roller to leave a level finish. Removable scraper arms allow for quick replacement and to aid clearing larger debris. 

All models can be fitted with a Magnum Seeder for cover crop, grass and OSR establishment. 

The Energiser is currently available as a 6-metre working width, with additional working widths under development.

Standard Specification

36 coulters of heavy-duty coil tines across 4 rows with 40mm reversible points and 167mm leg spacing, a full width 700mm Ø heavy duty 'V' ring packer roller. 6” maximum working depth, with hydraulic depth control adjustment using coloured aluminium spacers. Cat III linkage, LED work lights. 2.7m transport width, hydraulic transport safety lock. 180 HP minimum power requirement, 8-12kph recommended working speed.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

4 Rows of Tines

The coiled tines have been staggered across 4 rows with 500mm row-to-row spacing to allow high volumes of trash clearance, with suspension allowing the 40mm tine to oscillate, further aiding trash flow and reducing stress on the machine. These tines are mounted on to the frame using a simple bracket, enabling them to be easily removed and replaced in the field. The inch-by-inch coiled tines allow for a variety of different points to be used.

Substantial Heavy Duty Frame

The heavy-duty CAT III headstock is mounted on a robust frame, featuring a two-section wing fold with 60mm pivot pins all within a 2.7m transport width. The Energiser has been designed to reduce maintenance and improve reliability by using long lasting wearing parts in conjunction with a welded 88.9 x 8mm tube frame to provide extra strength whilst preventing material lying on the machine during work.

Hydraulic Depth Control

The working depth of the Energiser is between 0 and 15cm (6”) and is easily adjusted using the hydraulic operated rear roller. The hydraulic rams are extended, and aluminium spacers inserted to set the desired working depth.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Roller

A 700mm British Cast Iron ‘V’ ring packer roller follows the 4 rows of tines to leave a firm and level seedbed. The roller is equipped as standard with easily detachable clod breakers allowing for quick replacement or for clearing large debris. The cast rings are made up of 3 individual pieces also for ease of replacement if needed

Optional Front Wheels

The Energiser cultivator can be equipped with front support wheels for improved contour following. They ensure the cultivator works at the desired depth along the width of the machine over uneven terrain.

Trailed Energiser

Trailed Model

New for Autumn 2023, the trailed Energiser offers unrivaled seedbed preparation much like its mounted counterpart. Rear transport wheels and a Scharmüller hitch provide increased maneuverability and better weight distribution.

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Product Title Prices
Energiser 3000M
Energiser 5000M
Energiser 6000M
Energiser 6000T
Optional Specification

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Wheel Kit

Seeder Kit

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Technical Specification

Model Energiser 3000M Energiser 5000M Energiser 6000M Energiser 6000T
Working Width (m) 2.95 5 6 6
Transport Width (m) 3 2.7 2.7 2.7
Number of Legs 18 30 36 36
Leg Spacing (mm) 167 167 167 167
Recommended Working Speed (kph) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Min Power Requirement 120 150 180 180
LED Road Lights Standard Standard Standard Standard
Packer Diameter (mm) 700 700 700 700
Working Depth (mm) 0-150 0-150 0-150 0-150
Weight (kg) 1600 2700 3200 4200

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