Subdisc II

Subdisc II

The Weaving Subdisc offers excellent one pass cultivation whilst requiring less horsepower and operating at lower running costs in minimum tillage farming systems.

The low draft legs are designed to break up the soil pan and aerating the soil without creating much disturbance to the soil surface, whilst the discs are able to chop and mix crop residues and create a stale seedbed, with the packer roller leaving a level finish.

The Subdisc can be fitted with a Weaving Magnum Seeder unit enabling drilling of oil seed rape and cover crops at a low cost. 

Standard Specification

The Subdisc II has 2 rows of legs with knock on points, a single row of large Ø scalloped discs and and a full width 700mm Ø heavy duty 'V' ring packer roller. Side boards, LED lights and an aluminium toolbox are all fitted as standard.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

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Low Draft Legs

The Subdisc is equipped with 2 rows of legs which are designed to break through the soil pan to lift and aerate the soil without bringing the sub-soil to the surface. Each leg is fitted with cast steel knock on points and replaceable shins capable of a working depth of up to 400mm.

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The 2 rows of legs are followed by a single row of 560mm scalloped discs suspended by rubber torsion bars clamped to the frame. These discs feature Agrihub ‘Sealed for life’ bearings for maintenance free, permanent lubrication. The working depth of these discs can be easily adjusted on the move using the hydraulic rams. Aluminium spacers are then inserted to prevent further adjustment. The discs are fully independent of the legs giving you the choice to have them out of work whilst still using the legs.

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Cast Iron Packer Roller

A 560mm cast iron packer roller follows the working elements to consolidate the soil and leave a level and firm prepared seedbed. The roller is equipped as standard with easily detachable clod breakers allowing for quick replacement or for clearing large debris. The cast rings are made up of 3 individual pieces also for ease of replacement if needed. The depth of the legs is adjusted through the rear roller, moving up and down in 1’ increments. Once adjusted as desired, 2 pins are placed either side of the roller arm to prevent further movement.

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Side boards are mounted within the machines frame, reducing the overall transport width and flare out in work.


Product Title Prices

Technical Specification

Model 3M 3.5M
Working width (m) 3 3.5
No. of legs 7 9
No. of discs 11 13
Working depth (cm) 10-40 10-40
Transport width (m) 3 3.5
Frame type Rigid Rigid
Linkage III III
LED road lights Standard Standard
Minimum power requirement (hp) 140 160

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