The Weaving DualDisc has been designed to complement the modern seed drill in a low disturbance farming system. With front linkage mounting and a full width set of wavy discs, it is able to cut through trash and cover crops in front of the drill, clearing the path for the drill to both improve seed to soil contact and prevent debris from hooking around the coulters and causing blockages.

The DualDisc is ideally paired with the Weaving Sabre Tine Drill or the Weaving GD Disc Drill, but will work equally well with other seed drills. The DualDisc is available in 3 – 6 metre working widths, all in a mounted format.

Standard Specification

A single full width row of wavy cutting discs. One pair of discs per arm. The 3-metre model is rigid, whilst the larger models are equipped with hydraulic folding for safe transport. 

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

Wavy Cutting Discs

The DualDisc cuts through residues and material which means less passes creating a suitable stale seedbed. The discs are mounted in pairs and spaced at 166mm to align with the drill coulters on the Weaving GD and Sabre Drills. Only the soil in front of each coulter is moved also preventing unwanted germination of weeds in between rows and conserving as much moisture in the soil as possible.

Additional Ground Penetration

As well as being used to chop through material on the seedbed, the DualDisc can also create tilth to cover the seed which is especially beneficial in dry conditions. Where extra ground penetration may be needed, an additional weight frame is available for use with wafer weights.

Eliminate Dead Weight

When using a mounted seed drill, weight is usually needed on the front to balance the tractor. The DualDisc introduces function to the ‘dead’ weight carried over the front axle so that you can decide whether the discs are needed or just to be used as ballast.


Product Title Prices
Optional Specification

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Additional Weight Frame

Technical Specification

Model 3M 4.8M 6M
Working width (m) 3 4.8 6
No. of discs 18 28 36
Frame type Rigid Folding Folding
Weight (kg) 675 1158 1458
Linkage II II II
Disc spacing (mm) 166 171 166

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