The RotaStrip has been designed for strip tillage systems for use in front or combined with a planter. The loosening legs lift the soil across the width of the machine removing compaction. The legs are followed by a rotavator to create a fine seedbed and then consolidated by a packer roller. A linkage can be added to the back to allow the mounting of planter units making a true one-pass machine. Soil between the rows remains unmoved, reducing HP requirement and fuel consumption by up to 50%. 

Standard Specification

CAT III linkage, low disturbance legs, 12 blades per row, 480mmØ rear packer roller with scrapers, hydraulic depth adjustment of roller, chain drive, replaceable dividers, LED work lights.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

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Loosening leg

Our Low-Disturbance subsoiler legs are placed between each rotor to lift and loosen the soil across the width of the machine. Spanner-free adjustment of the leg can be made in 1” increments. The shear bolt-protected legs enhance not only the water storage capacity of the soil but also removes root zone compaction.

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Each segment of the rotor are enclosed by rotating divides that cut through the ground separating the cultivated row from the non-cultivated row. This prevents soil from being thrown between the rows leaving a much neater and undisturbed finish.

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Packer roller

The hydraulically adjustable Ø480mm rear packer roller is arranged directly behind each working element so only the worked soil is reconsolidated. This creates a firm and level seedbed ideal to plant straight in to.

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A hydraulic linkage can be fitted to the strip cultivator for mounting drills or planters directly behind to make this a true one-pass machine. In certain conditions, you may want to do multiple passes in which case the planter element can be lifted fully out of work or detached.

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One pass planting

In one pass it is possible to carry out subsoiling, rotavating, packing and planting without working the entire width of the machine. This can reduced cost of establishment by up to 50% compared to conventional cultivations.


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Optional Specification

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Linkage Kit

A linkage kit to fit a drill to the cultivator.

Technical Specification

Model 300/4 450/6
Working width (m) 3 4.5
No. of rows 4 6
Row spacing (mm) 750 750
Weight (kg) 2305 4400
No. of blades per rotor 12 12
Packer diameter (mm) 480 480
Recommended working speed (km/h) 8-12 8-12

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