Grassland Sublift

The Grassland Sublift, also referred to as a Sward Lifter, is one of the original Weaving grassland models, designed to manage soil compaction issues caused by heavy machinery and grazing livestock that can often result in waterlogging and poor-quality pasture. 

The heavy-duty steel swivel legs of the Grassland Sublift are able to penetrate and lift even the hardest of soil pans and open up the root zone in stale grass leys. This alleviates soil compaction, aerates the soil and significantly improves drainage whilst leaving the soil surface virtually undisturbed, promoting earlier and more productive grass growth.

In 2022, the Weaving Grassland Sublift was subject to redesign and the new model is equipped with well thought out features, including swivel legs to allow the machine to be used in stony conditions and hydraulic working depth adjustment.

Standard Specification

Adjustable spring swivel disc coulter, narrow profile spring steel swivel legs (18mm) with shear bolt protection and wide wings, followed by a full width 460mm Ø flat packer roller that can be ballasted. Cat III linkage mounting, overall width 2.8M. Adjustable wing angle. Hydraulic working depth adjustment and hydraulically adjustable cutting discs.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

Narrow Profile Swivel Legs

Our Grassland Sublift is available in 2 variations, either 3 or 4 leg. The narrow 18mm swivel legs are shear bar protected and are either spaced 1000mm or 750mm apart depending on specification. The legs can swivel through a pin which can be adjusted depending on the operation required. The purpose of the swivel leg is to work around stones rather than bringing them to the surface. It also means that the legs follow the tractor making it easier to pull and reducing sideward pressure leaving the slot as narrow and undisturbed as possible.

Adjustable Wavy Cutting Disc

In front of each leg is a 430mm wavy disc mounted on rubber torsion bars that cuts a slot through the sward for the leg to enter leaving the surface virtually undisturbed. The working depth of the discs is set and adjusted hydraulically using aluminium spacers.

Full Width 460mm Ø Flat Packer Roller

A 460mm full width flat packer roller follows the working elements to leave a level and undisturbed finish. The roller can be ballasted if required. The depth of the legs is adjusted through the rear roller using 2 hydraulic rams, aluminium spacers are then inserted to maintain the depth. The roller is also equipped with small teeth to ensure the packer turns and doesn’t smear the ground as well as a full width scraper.


Product Title Prices
Sublift 3 Leg
Sublift 4 Leg
Optional Specification

Select from the options below to add them to the final price

Arable 'V' Ring Roller

An option to replace the standard full width flat roller to our 700mm British Cast Iron 'V' ring roller. The rings are made up of 3 individual segments making replacement easy and are equipped with removeable scrapers.

Technical Specification

Model Sublift 3 Leg Sublift 4 Leg
No. of legs 3 4
Working width (m) 2.8 2.8
Working depth (mm) 350 350
Transport width (m) 3 3
Frame type Rigid Rigid
Roller diameter (mm) 500 500
LED road lights Standard Standard
Min power requirement (hp) 110 130
Height (m) 1.32 1.32
Length (m) 2.3 2.3
Weight (kg) 1300 1400
Leg spacing (mm) 1000 750

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