Fenix Drill

This close spacing drill with its compact and modern design is perfect for re-seeding degraded grassland, direct drilling grass seeds into stubbles, leys and burnt off ground or sowing cover crops, forage crops, cereals, peas and beans. The Fenix drill is available in a 3-metre working width, mounted format.

Standard Specification

3 metre working width, 140 HP requirement, 1,000L Hopper, 32-disc coulters, Accord metering unit, RDS Artemis Lite, electric drive, hydraulic fan, removable wafer weights, 95Kg ground pressure, maintenance-free sealed bearings, rubber shock absorbers, folded rear loading step with a security hand-rail LED road lights.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

Fenix Drill Precise Metering

Precise Metering

The Accord metering unit is equipped with RDS Artemis Lite controls. This guarantees a repeatable metering dose up to 400 kg/ha. Suitable for fine and coarse grains, with no need to replace the metering rollers. On the move seed rate adjustment from the comfort of the tractor cab. Functions include GPS forward speed monitoring, symmetric and asymmetric tramline control, area totals, fan tachometer and low seed level alarm.

Fenix Drill Uniform Seeding

Uniform Seeding

A single dose of seeds metered by the metering unit is transported pneumatically with a vertical corrugated tube to the distributor, which uniformly distributes the seeds to the coulters. A rubber exhaust boot at the top of the coulter diffuses 50% of the air allowing controlled seed delivery to the soil and preventing seed bounce.

Fenix Drill Hydraulic Fan Drive

Hydraulic Fan Drive

The Fenix Drill is fitted with a hydraulic fan drive. This reduces the RPM on the tractor, which in turn reduces fuel costs, gives more flexibility with air flow, and helps prevent wear and tear. The Fenix is also equipped with an oil flow adjustment valve for fine tuning fan speeds.

Fenix Drill Seed Hopper

Seed Hopper

The Fenix is equipped with a 1000L seed hopper with 32 outlet integral distribution head and roll over hopper cover.

Fenix Drill Robust Boron Steel Coulters

Robust Boron Steel Coulters

The high grade 405mm steel disc coulters are suspended on rubber torsion bars with a boron seeding shoe mounted at a 5° angle. The disc cuts the grass under 95kg of pressure, leaving room for the seeding shoe to dispense the seed at the desired depth. Maintenance free conical bearings ensure long lasting and failure free operation. The 2 rows of coulter discs are opposing allowing the drill to run dead straight behind the tractor. Vertical mechanical adjustment of the discs is possible at the front of the drill.

Fenix Drill Prismatic Roller

Prismatic Roller

The roller consists of cast iron rings with two diameters – the smaller ring (450 mm diameter) adheres tightly to the roller axis, while the bigger ring (500 mm) moves on the inner side of the smaller ring, ensuring very good cleaning of the outer surface. The cast iron rings crush lumpy material and close the furrows made by the coulters.

Fenix Drill Removable Wafer Weights

Removable Wafer Weights

The Fenix is fitted as standard with 4 packs of wafer weights. These increase the coulter pressure and therefore improve penetration on hard land. They are easily removed for situations where they may not be needed such a cultivated or light land.

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Product Title Prices
Fenix 3000M - 24 coulter
Fenix 3000M - 32 coulter
Optional Specification

Select from the options below to add them to the final price

OSR/Slug/Fert Applicator (130L)

The Stocks Rotor Meter applicator has a capacity of 130 litres enabling it to accurately and safely meters micro and full size granular material and small seeds. The electronically speed controlled (ESC) applicator uses GPS to automatically maintain application rate as forward speed varies with ‘on the go’ rate adjustment. The metered material is fed into the venturi of the seed metering unit via a pressurised air supply ensuring constant delivery of material. The combination of materials is evenly mixed in the metering unit and delivered via each coulter into the seedbed.

Technical Specification

Model Fenix 3000M - 24 coulter Fenix 3000M - 32 coulter
Working width (m) 2.95 2.95
Hourly output (ha) 3.5 3.5
Row spacing (mm) 122 92
Coulter pressure (kg) 125 95
No. of coulters 24 32
Minimum power requirement (hp) 140 140
Frame type Rigid Rigid
Working speed (km) 10-16 10 - 16
Road transport width (m) 2.95 2.95
Weight (kg) 2975 3135
Height (m) 2 2
Depth (m) 1.8 1.8
Hopper capacity (l) 1000 1000
Hydraulic Fan Standard Standard
Metering Unit Accord Accord
Metering control RDS Artemis Lite RDS Artemis Lite


Tom Hooper, J & R Hooper Farms Ltd

We are a 300 acre mixed farm with the predominant focus on our Red Devon pedigree breeding herd in a paddock grazing system. Over the last few years we have been developing a more sustainable farming system employing regenerative principles hoping to rebuild soil health and increase the biology. Prior to us owning the Fenix drill, we were spraying off, discing twice and a contractor would reseed our pastures. This drill gives us more flexibility by not having to rely on contractors for drilling but also gives us the ability to stitch grass and herbal mixes into our grass sward with no prior work needed. No contractor charges and low running costs of the machine make establishment of the leys very economical.

As with most farming practices, soil management and timing are crucial. With the very dry summer we experienced this year, we are trying to retain as much moisture as possible in the ground to give the best chance for the leys to perform. Without disturbing the soil, the Fenix is able to precisely place a variety of small seeds at low seed rates. 

The aim for the next year is to become nitrogen free on grazing ground which we have been working towards for the last 2 years we have owned the drill. It is a very much one piece of a larger puzzle in our regenerative approach. The Fenix is incredibly easy to calibrate and operate. The GPS forward speed sensor prevents the need for a land wheel giving more accuracy over uneven ground, the weight of the drill is also directly over the coulters giving high penetration needed for dry conditions as seen in 2022. I am chuffed to bits with my purchase and would highly recommend the product and the company. They are very personable to deal with and their ability to embrace regenerative farming practices is very encouraging.

Tom Hooper, J & R Hooper Farms Ltd

Adam Tucker, W F Gluyas and Son, Cornwall

We were looking for a drill that could drill both grass and corn and found the Weaving Fenix looked the best for doing both. Since receiving the drill in May, I’ve drilled 350 acres on many different ground types and cannot fault its performance. We wanted to find something to upgrade or grass pastures at a low cost, low input, the Fenix is perfect for this as a one pass machine. 
We have stitched in clover into grass leys, drilled cover crops directly into stubble and also new grass lays straight into sprayed off old grass lays. The calibration system is perfectly quick easy as well as very accurate and efficient. And the built-in GPS metering unit means no metering wheel to worry about on the back, perfect for drilling in the tight corners of a field. 
We also went for the hydraulic fan, we have found that a huge saving on fuel - you can quite happily drill at 1300 rpm so it means less fuels consumption and less strain on the tractor. The height is easy to Adjust and the Güttler-type roller on the back does a good job for closing the slot. 
Really impressed with this machine and have had great results whilst out contracting with it.  
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Adam Tucker, W F Gluyas and Son, Cornwall

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