Weaving Machinery is now a well-established brand amongst the UK farm machinery market, with their drills and cultivators gaining a large market share in recent years. However, in the company’s formative years, the bread and butter of the company’s growth was through imported brands such as Aguirre, Agrimaster and Mammut. In this article, Sarie Weaving discusses the Mammut brand.  


Who are Mammut and how did the relationship with Weaving develop?

Mammut Maschinenbau GmbH is based in Upper Austria and is run by Reinhold Frauscher. Their product range was suggested to us by another dealer back in the 1990s, so we introduced ourselves and following a strict vetting process we were chosen as the official UK stockist.

Like Weaving Machinery, Mammut is a family run company and so upon initial introduction we recognised that our core values are closely aligned. Both companies are committed to delivering good quality, practical machinery solutions with the focus on delivering benefits to the customer, with the decision-making process on new machinery development often led by first hand customer feedback. 

What is Mammut’s principal product offering?

Animal feeding and silaging technology and concrete mixers. Since the start of the working relationship, Weaving Machinery has enjoyed strong sales of the Mammut Turbo Mix pan mixers. Whether mixing animal feed or concrete, we continually received strong customer feedback about the quality, reliability and convenience of these machines, so we knew that Mammut was a brand that we could trust.

More recently, we have begun to stock Mammut’s silaging technology, again it is well made, innovative equipment and we believe there are real feed efficiency benefits that can be gained from products like the Silo Bucket. 

Let’s look at the products themselves, starting with the Turbo Mixer. What are the excelling features of the TM range? 

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The mixers are an essential tool for repair or renovation work around the farm, yard and stable. They allow you convenience and flexibility around when jobs can be done, as you don’t need to rely on ready-mix concrete deliveries and this can also offer a good cost saving. The mixers are really simple and quick to use and can be simply hitched to a tractor three-point linkage and PTO operated or mounted on fork slots. This equally makes them very manoeuvrable and not tied to a fixed point on a construction site.

The mixers are practical - equipped with a swivelling discharge chute with a 180° rotation so that the ready-mixed concrete can be discharged directly without much effort. They are also robust – fitted with an insensitive agitator, spring tines with HARDOX scraper bars and high-quality gearboxes that are backed up by a 3-year warranty. They are also flexible – not limited to concrete mixing, they are perfect for dressing grain or seeds and mixing animal feed. Today more than 21,000 Mammut mixers are in operation globally and they remain as popular today as they have always been. 

Are there different sizes and options available?

Yes, the Turbo Mix series are available in a wide range of sizes from 240 to 1,200 litres, and a choice between standard, self-filling and combination models. For most farm repair or renovation work, we find the standard TM150 (750 l) and TM180 (1,000 l) to be the most popular models. There is also the option to add hydraulic drive so the mixer can be mounted on the forks of a front loader. For larger construction work, landscaping and stonemasonry, there is an electric drive option. 

Now looking at the silaging technology, what solutions do Mammut offer and how do their products offer benefits to livestock systems?

Mammut recognised that maintaining high quality feed with minimal loss is the foundation of healthy animals and economic gains in an industry working within tight margins. Mammut found that harvesting technology was becoming more innovative and powerful, yet the equipment in the silo was often outdated and unable to keep up, causing bottlenecks in the silage chain. In response Mammut began manufacturing a complete range of silage spreaders and rollers as well as shear grabs and buckets and have now established themselves as one of the industry leaders.

Which products in the Mammut silaging range do you stock, and are there any new releases? 

Upon reviewing the UK livestock systems, we chose to stock the Silo Kompakt, the Silo Bucket and the Silo Cat, but equally we can supply the entire Mammut range. The Silo Kompakt (SK) is the newest equipment that we stock. Mammut developed this silage roller to ensure an efficient feed distribution and rolling process, achieving intensive compaction that can optimise the lactic acid fermentation process and improve feed palatability. Using its 940mm diameter roller and 200mm high discs, the SK can effectively penetrate into the lower layers of the silo achieving a deep and uniform pressure across the length and width of the silo, avoiding the opportunity for air pocket formation.   

What are the differences and key features of the Silo Bucket and the Silo Cat? 

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Daily feeding practices can be time consuming, so Mammut designed both products to improve livestock feeding efficiencies. The Silo Bucket (SB) is a shear bucket, designed for maize silage and other fine-grain feed components. The Silo Cat (SC) is a shear grab, more suited to grass silage. Both tools play a key role in the precise removal of feed whilst also maintaining a neat silage face, avoiding feed losses and again avoiding the opportunity for the formation of air pockets. Note that a plate can be added to the Silo Cat to turn it into a bucket if you wish to have greater flexibility.

As with all Mammut equipment the SB and SC has been manufactured using high quality HARDOX steel for ultimate durability. The blades and tines are aggressively shaped to achieve a precise cut. Both products are available in a range of sizes (1.69m to 2.41m block width). The most popular being the SB220H which has a wide opening height of 1.10m with two hydraulic cylinders, making it suitable for picking up and spreading round bales. 

Weaving Machinery is more widely known in the arable sector for their drills and cultivators, why add this product line to the company’s offering? 

We recognise farmers’ desire for good quality machinery that is simple yet effective – that doesn’t change whether you are working within arable or livestock. We want to deliver a whole farm product offering and are able to deliver nationwide and be very responsive to customers needs, whether that is responding to service calls or supplying a wide range of spare parts. 

For more details on Mammut equipment available from Weaving Machinery, please visit our website or call our Sales team. You can also take advantage of our best ever finance deal with 0% finance available on all Shortdisc and LD models until 30th September 2024.

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