British Ingenuity on Display: Weaving to Present the GD and the New Lynx Drill at Agritechnica

British Ingenuity on Display: Weaving to Present the GD and the New Lynx Drill at Agritechnica

After a decade-long hiatus, Weaving is preparing to return to the world’s leading agricultural machinery trade fair in Hannover to promote its range of low-disturbance seed drills to a global audience.  On display, the British manufacturer will have the well-proven GD Disc Drill in both its mounted and trailed formats as well as a new weapon in its armoury – the Lynx Drill – ensuring the brand can attract every scale of arable farmer. 

“When we were here in 2013, we were a small fish in a big pond, since then we have extensively developed our seeding technology and grown our manufacturing operations unrecognisably. Fast forward to 2023 and our sales across the UK and France are very strong and our overseas presence is growing, so it feels like the right time to return.” Says Simon Weaving on his decision to bring the brand back to the German show. 

“The trailed GD drill has been our bestseller beyond the British border despite fairly limited exposure, after a few busy years in our domestic market, we are ready and excited to come to Agritechnica and throw our hat in the ring as one of Europe’s best seed drill manufacturers.”  

Early this year Weaving released the latest upgrades to the mounted GD Disc Drill and at the show in November, these same features will be seen on its trailed sibling for the first time. The refreshed Trailed GD is now ergonomically designed with a new tubular coulter frame and an upgraded GD Coulter that offers more constant pressure and easier set-up due to the incorporation of a unique gas spring system. 

Weaving’s showcase in Europe will not be limited to upgrades alone, as the brand will officially launch the newest addition to its tine drill repertoire, the innovative Lynx Drill (pictured below). Positioned as an intermediary minimum tillage tine drill, it is equipped with many of the outstanding features of the UK’s best-selling Sabre Drill but on a lighter, more compact frame. With a lower horsepower requirement, the Lynx Drill is suitable for small to medium tractors and opens up a world of possibilities for farmers seeking low disturbance and high output at an affordable price. 

Like the Sabre, the Lynx Drill comprises 4 rows of auto-reset tungsten tipped tines with 'z' following harrows mounted to a frame set on wide flotation tyres, a 2000 litre plastic hopper and RDS Artemis Lite controls with electric metering and GPS forward speed monitoring.

Weaving Machinery believes that simplicity is the key to achieving excellence, so all key features have been crafted to achieve top-tier performance whilst maintaining ease of operation. This is demonstrated in the unique side-to-side wing pivot that allows the Lynx drill to follow the camber, no matter how sloping and undulating the field, giving unrivaled sowing depth consistency. Similarly, the 4 rows of coulters have been staggered to achieve unparalleled trash flow clearance and evenly distribute the residue for healthy seed germination. For Europe’s farmers, the Lynx Drill promises an economical and practical solution for low-disturbance crop establishment in all conditions. 

Weaving Machinery is proud to return to Agritechnica, ably supported by their representatives across Europe, ready to exhibit the finest of British agricultural manufacturing. 

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