Galvanised Bucket Brush

Galvanised Bucket Brush

The NC Engineering manufactured Bucket Brush comes complete with detachable sweeper, designed primarily to be mounted on a loader/telescopic handler. This powerful bucket mounted sweeper provides a material handling bucket that can be converted into a versatile sweeper collector unit. Pick up lugs are welded to the bucket and sweeper connected using a simple `quick attach system`. Sweeping/ collection is recommended in reverse direction. The sweeper can be supplied with brackets to suit various handlers/loaders or fork frame.

Standard Specification

7’6” collecting width, earth bucket with hardened wear edge, quick detach brush, hydraulic top mounted motor, fully galvanised brush.

Key Features

Galvanised Bucket Brush

Heavy Duty Design

The buckets are supplied as standard with a hardened wearing edge and the brush fully galvanised to ensure the long-lasting life of the machine.

Galvanised Bucket Brush


A hydraulically driven sweeper is easily attached and detached using the pick up lugs welded to the bucket providing versatility to the bucket. The hydraulic motor is mounted to the top of the bucket which reduces width and allows the operator to get close to walls and kerbs without damage. Drive to the rotor is via chain drive further giving the sweeper protection and added reliability. The brushes are supplied with a standard mix of bristles, half polypropylene, half steel however all polypropylene bristles are available upon request.


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7' 9"
Optional Specification

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Telehandler brackets are available for all makes and models. Price includes fitting.

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