Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Weaving Machinery has been the official UK stockist of Agrimaster equipment for over 25 years. The range of flail mowers and hedge cutters is robust and reliable and with a wide range of models to choose from, there is a machine to suit every operator.

All new Agrimaster equipment is sold with a year’s warranty. Weaving Machinery stock, a full complement of spare parts for the range, available on next day delivery for most UK addresses.

The Agrimaster RVFN combi is a combination of the RV front mounted mower and the FN rear mounted offset flail mower. These flail mowers in tandem offer increased output due to the wide working width as well as the flexibility both flails offer such as hydraulic sideshift and the rotation of the FN to side hedges and trim ditches.

Standard Specification

Cat II three-point linkage, 1,000 RPM gearbox with clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Front or rear mounted, 5 belt drive with automatic belt tensioners. Heavy duty side skids. Fixed counter knife, KPT flails and a reinforced large 194mm (8") Ø roller. Hydraulic side shift and heavy-duty skids. 
Cat II three-point linkage (CAT III FN280), 540 RPM gearbox with free wheel. KPT Flails, Side skids, hydraulic break back, rear roller, automatic belt tensioner and reinforced rotor. Two double acting spools required. Self-levelling hitch.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Unique Cutting Action

The Agrimaster flail mowers are designed with a unique cutting action that throws material over the top of the roller, keeping the cutting rotor clean & leaving a cleaner cut with an outstanding finish.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Attractive Striped Finish

The full width 194mm diameter roller not only gives accurate cutting height control but leaves an attractive striped finish. It features an adjustable, self cleaning rear scraper.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Front & Rear Mounting

The RV is able to be mounted on the front or rear of a tractor. Front mounting allows better visibility and pairing with a rear mounted hedgecutter or flail. If a tractor does not have front linkage, the RV can be mounted on the rear.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Hydraulic Sideshift

535mm of horizontal travel using the hydraulic sideshift. This allows the mower to go outside of the tractor wheels for verge mowing or to increase work capacity if using multiple mowers.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi


The FN is also to be positioned so that it can cut both inside behind the tractor or outside the tractor wheelings with right hand operation as standard.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

Hedges & Ditches

The cutting head can be rotated from 90° vertical to -50° below horizontal ideal for siding hedges or trimming ditches.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

RV Gearbox

The RV is equipped with a 1,000 RPM gearbox with free-wheel protection. Can run in either clockwise or anticlockwise rotation.

Agrimaster RVFN Combi

FN Gearbox

A 540rpm overrun gearbox is protected by 5 belts with an automatic belt tensioner. This gearbox is mounted internally of the machine allowing the flail to work close to boundaries and prevents any accidental damage when operating.


Product Title Prices
RVFN 470
RVFN 500

Technical Specification

Model RVFN 470 RVFN 500
Working Width (m/ft) 4.66 / 15'3" 4.95 / 16'3"
Min. Power demand (hp) 160 180
Weight (kg) 894 / 882 964 / 1078
No. of flails 24 / 24 32 / 24
No. of belts 5 / 5 5 / 6

 *All prices are subject to VAT and delivery charges may apply

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