Lynx Drill

Lynx Drill

Following on from the launch of the immensely popular Sabre Drill, the Lynx Drill has been added to our range as an intermediary minimum tillage tine drill, offering many of the outstanding features of the Sabre but on a lighter, more compact frame. Requiring less horsepower, the Lynx Drill is suitable for smaller tractors and opens up a world of possibilities for farms of every size.

At Weaving Machinery, we believe that excellence is achieved through simplicity. All of our key features have been designed to make our drills excellent performers yet easy to operate. That is why our corrosion-proof metering systems are designed with easy access, single-point discharge shoots and quick emptying hatches. We understand that each field has a unique camber, so our drills are designed with a side-to-side wing pivot for unrivalled contour following allowing the drill to follow each slope and undulation for consistent seed depth.

We know that high trash conditions prevent healthy seed germination, that is why our drills have 4 rows of staggered coulters to give unparalleled trash flow clearance and evenly distribute the residue. The Lynx Drill is designed to handle all conditions and offers an economical and practical solution to low disturbance crop establishment.

Standard Specification

4 rows of 12mm tines with tungsten tips and stainless steel adjustable seed tubes. 2,000L hopper and tank sieve, RDS Artemis Lite controls with GPS forward speed monitoring, wide floatation wheels, manual depth control, wheel eradicators, a double row of following “z” harrows, LED road and work lights, all within a transport width of 3.0 Metres.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

High Trash Clearance

High Trash Clearance

The tine coulters are spread across 4 rows with a calming area between the second and third row to allow residues to settle before the third and fourth row. The 'Z' rear following harrows have adjustment in height and pitch.

Lynx Coulter

Tine Coulter

The Lynx drill features 12mm wide boron steel rigid tines also used on our Sabre Tine. Instead of being mounted to rubber torsion bars, they are mounted to the frame using a sprung clamp. The 130mm Tungesten Carbide tip design ensures longevity of the coulter. A rubber exhaust boot at the top of the coulter diffuses 50% of the air allowing for controlled seed delivery into the slot preventing seed bounce.

Depth Control

Depth Control

There are 4 depth wheels located in the centre of each wing that control depth. These can be adjusted by lifting the Lynx out of work and changing the aluminium spacers located on the wheel arm.

Z Following Harrows

Z Following Harrows

The tine coulters are followed by a full width rear following harrow to cover the seed. These harrows are staggered across two rows to allow increased trash clearance. Simple depth adjustment is done through a pin system.

Block Image

Precise Electric Metering

The Lynx drill features eletric metering through RDS Artemis Lite. This provides accurate dosing of seed, simple calibration, and the ability to change the seed rate on the move. Tramline control is available through the head unit. The metering unit is suitable for all seeds with no need to replace the metering rollers.

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Product Title Prices
Lynx 4800M
Lynx 6000M
Optional Specification

Select from the options below to add them to the final price

Hydraulic Markers

A serrated cutting disc which marks into the surface of the soil allowing operators to align the centre of the machine at equal and parallel distances from their previous workings.

Pre-Emergence Markers

A pair of pre-emergence markers are fitted to specially designed coulter brackets using a serrated cutting disc to leave a visible mark for operators to easily follow for subsequent operations. These are activated automatically by the RDS controller.

Avadex Applicator (240L)

The Stocks Turbo Jet applicator with a capacity of 240 litres are a versatile and accurate 12 volt powered pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seeds. This applicator is commonly used to apply avadex or slug pellets with the measured material blown onto the seedbed surface via a separate distribution unit. Applicators can be configured to suit various working widths.

OSR/Slug/Fert Applicator (130L)

The Stocks Rotor Meter applicator has a capacity of 130 litres enabling it to accurately and safely meters micro and full size granular material and small seeds. The electronically speed controlled (ESC) applicator uses GPS to automatically maintain application rate as forward speed varies with ‘on the go’ adjustment of rate. The metered material is fed into the venturi of the seed metering unit via a pressurised air supply ensuring constant delivery of material. The combination of materials is evenly mixed in the metering unit and delivered via one coulter into the seedbed.

iSOBUS Ready Cable

iSOBUS enables standardised communication between your tractor, software and drill through a single ‘plug and play’ terminal. The tractor driver is able to control several functions allowing better yield and precision drilling management from the comfort of the tractor cab using an iSOBUS Ready Cable.

iSOCAN GPS Metering Upgrade

The drill is equipped with an Accord metering unit as standard but can be upgraded to RDS iSOCAN Controls. The benefit of the upgrade is being able to use up to 4 metering units or applicators, enabling dual cropping, fertiliser and Avadex applications. The iSOCAN software also monitors and controls tramlining, hopper level, fan speed alarms, variable rate controls, on the go seed rate adjustment and offers activity data (e.g., area worked and quantities applied). The iSOCAN software is ISOBUS compatible, allowing complete control via ISOBUS with the additional of an ISOBUS ready cable (see optional specification).

Variable Rate Unlock Code

This is only available with iSOCAN controls. By purchasing the unlock code, operators are then able to access the variable rate seeding facility on the RDS controller.

Electric Half Shut Off

An electronically controlled actuator shuts off 50% of the distribution head cutting off seed supply to half of the machine width to reduce the amount of seed overlap on headland manoeuvres.

Additional Tramline Valves

Our drills as standard are fitted with 4 tramline valves, 2 per side. If you are running wide tyres or tracks it may be desirable to add additional valves. (Price per additional valve)

Technical Specification

Model Lynx 6000M
Working width (m) 6
Hourly output (ha) 6
Row spacing (mm) 166
No. of coulters 36
Minimum HP requirement 150
Frame type Folding
Working speed (km) 8-14
Road transport width (m) 2.95
Weight (kg) 2500
Filling Height (m) 2.6
Depth (m) 3.85
Hopper capacity 2000
Tyre size 23 x 10.50 - 12
Hydraulic spool requirement 2 double acting +1 single acting + free flow return
Fan oil capacity (l/min) 45

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