Inter-Row Drill

Inter-Row Drill

The mounted Inter-Row Drill is a flexible and manoeuvrable inter-row companion crop drill, designed principally for drilling grass seed or cover crops between rows of maize to minimalise soil erosion, run-off and compaction in the following crop, however due to the versatile adjustment of the coulters, the IR drill is also capable of sowing cereals and pulses in a no-till or min-till arable system across its 6 metre working width. The IR Drill is suitable for all farm sizes. 

Using a double disc opener and press wheel, the Inter-Row drill ensures optimal seed to soil contact and moisture retention which is essential considering the time of year this operation would be done. Each coulter also has a spring tensioner to adjust downward pressure. 

Under sown grass can provide significant grazing or forage for the following spring. Even if the under sown grass is not used for livestock, it will still improve organic matter and the structure of the soil beneath. Other benefits include providing traction for both forager and trailers at harvest time and preventing bringing soil onto the road. 

Research conducted by a water board shows that in the following spring, under sown ryegrass contains a large amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. This allows for savings to be made on these inputs. There is also a potential for growers in drinking water catchment areas to claim grants for under sowing maize depending on the potential amount of nitrogen captured. 


Water companies have been increasing farmer awareness of the importance of reducing high sediment and phosphate levels entering our water courses from farming activities. Keeping soils covered and reducing disturbance helps to keep nutrients in the field. One of the biggest culprits of surface water run-off is maize stubbles, which lay bare for long periods. Following collaboration with water companies and various trials, Weaving Machinery has designed a simple direct drill for inter-row companion crop drilling. 

The benefits of the IR Drill allow you to: 

Increase moisture retention and prevent leaching, which will therefore reduce the amount of nitrogen entering watercourses. This can also aid a farmer to meet all cross-compliance requirements, whilst leaving the nitrogen in the ground to benefit the following crop. 

Generate a higher annual crop yield by establishing a fodder crop earlier, which allows mixed farms to graze immediately after maize harvesting. 

Improve root structure which will allow earlier and easier passes on wet soil by harvesting machinery. A cover crop will prevent carrying soil off the field onto the highways and will readily soak up any slurry applied. 

Prevent soil erosion and compaction leading to healthier soils in the long-term. 

Allow earlier crop establishment where cereals and other cash crops can be drilled directly into dead grass which offers a very good soil-binding effect and improves water filtration.

Standard Specification

300L Hopper, RDS Artemis Lite controls with GPS forward speed monitoring, hydraulic fan, a single row of coulters, with variable row spacing road lights.

Includes 1 year warranty

Key Features

Mounted IR Drill Hydraulic Side Shift & Adjustable Row Spacing

Hydraulic Side Shift & Adjustable Row Spacing

The IR Drill is equipped with hydraulic side shift and adjustable row spacing so you can modify the drill to match the tractor wheels and maize row spacing. This also allows for establishment of more conventional, closer row spacing crops.

Mounted IR Drill Depth Control

Depth Control

The sowing depth of the drill can be manually adjusted by the press wheel on each coulter. There are various holes for adjustment on the wheels as well as the sprung tension on each coulter which can be easily adjusted by the turn of a nut.

Mounted IR Drill Simple Calibration

Simple Calibration

Calibration is simple and quick using the single point discharge chute and screw adjustable metering mechanism. The corrosion-proof metering unit is maintenance free and will maintain its accuracy season after season. Complete discharge of the hopper is made quick and easy with the emptying hatch.

Mounted IR Drill Precise Metering

Precise Metering

The Accord metering unit guarantees a repeatable metering dose ranging from 1.8 to 400 kg/ha. Suitable for fine and coarse grains, with no need to replace the metering rollers. Easy adjustment and accurate settings ensure seamless seed dosing.

Mounted IR Drill Hydraulic Fan Drive

Hydraulic Fan Drive

The IR Drill is fitted with a hydraulic fan drive. This reduces the RPM on the tractor, which in turn reduces fuel costs, gives more flexibility with air flow, and helps prevent wear and tear.


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Product Title Prices
IR Drill

Technical Specification

Model IR Drill
Working width (m) 6.4
Hourly output (ha) 6
Standard row spacing (mm) 187.5
No. of coulters 24
Recommended power requirement (hp) 80
Frame type Folding
Working speed (km) 12
Road transport width (m) 2.8
Weight (kg) 2250
Filling height (m) 2.4
Length (m) 2.6
Hopper capacity (l) 300


John Bubb, J M Bubb and Son, Shropshire

Farming 2000 acres of arable land in North Shropshire we realised that the way we had farmed for many years couldn’t continue. Something had to change and so the first step was realising we had ignored the basic principles of soil health. We needed to cover the soil with as many different living plants and for as much of the year as possible. Having two crops already in the rotation grown on wide rows we now plan to grow the others including wheat on wide strip till system. The benefit of this is that it will allow for a permanent living mulch to be grown between the rows of our cash crops and at the same time satisfying our need for improving soil health.

 We needed a versatile drill with good clearance to drill our clover, achieve a good establishment and produce the mulch between our rows of crops. Having seen various designs, we liked the IR drill for its contour following seed placement and firming press wheel creating excellent soil to seed contact. The drill is really easy to setup, calibrate and use in the field. The adjustment of row widths and coulter depth couldn’t be easier and makes the machine very universal. Supporting a British manufacturer who has great backup and service was also critically important. 

John Bubb - IR Drill
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John Bubb, J M Bubb and Son, Shropshire

George Fraser, A & R Fraser, Wiltshire

What sold us on Weaving’s IR Drill? The double disc opener and press wheel made me confident that we could get good establishment in many different soil types. So far, it’s been brilliant. A lot of what we’re doing now has environmental benefits in mind, so it fits perfectly with our business. The research and feedback from customers show that nutrient retention is there, which results in savings. Runoff after harvest has massively reduced.
When we started inter-row drilling, a lot of people said we shouldn’t expect 100% establishment and it might be tough. So far, that hasn’t been our experience. It’s all gone very well. The precision means you’re putting the seed where you want it, not too close to the row. The environmental benefits help preserve nutrients and improve results. The IR Drill is clearly the best machine for the job. It’s a no-brainer.
Thumbnail of customer leaving a testimonial

George Fraser, A & R Fraser, Wiltshire

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